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eMonitor 4-24 Energy Monitor

eMonitor 4-24 Energy Monitor
eMonitor 4-24 Energy Monitor
Product By : Powerhouse

eMonitor 4-24 Energy Monitor.

Put the smart in "smart home" with the eMonitor from Powerhouse Dynamics, a revolutionary way to analyze and manage your energy usage at the circuit/appliance level throughout your home--helping you lower your energy bill and keep your family safe. This version of the eMonitor can be configured for up to 24 circuits in your home, and it's also available in 14- and 44-circuit versions. It also requires a two-year software service contract.

eMonitor dashboard
Reduce your energy consumption and save money with the easy to use eMonitor system (view larger).

eMonitor devices
Monitor energy output on your PC, or get real-time information on your smart phone or laptop (view larger).
At a Glance
4-24 Energy Monitor
At a Glance: Configured for up to 24 circuits per home

Records minute-to-minute electricity use of specific circuits and appliances

Lower electricity bills by up to 30 percent

Monitor your appliances health and performance

Access graphical Dashboard interface from any computer or iPhone/iTouch/iPad

Real-time text and email alerts indicate when a circuit is near capacity, on too long or off too early

Monitor renewable energy sources

Requires separate software service purchase plus in-home Wi-Fi network

Two-year warranty
At a Glance

Through a fun, interactive and personalized internet dashboard, this system shows exactly how energy is used in your home, giving you the data you need to reduce your energy bills by up to 30 percent. With the analytics engine, it also sends text or email alerts when appliances are left on or circuits are near capacity, providing continuous diagnostic advice, and monitors renewable energy systems like solar and wind production (added service required).

Continuous Monitoring of Energy Usage

The eMonitor provides a complete energy management system that lets you know exactly how much is spent on electricity in your home--before getting the bill. It offers 24/7, minute-to-minute monitoring of energy use on multiple home circuits, including the two main outputs.

Easy-to-read interactive graphs show what causes spikes in energy use, and when and where energy is being used in your home, so you can cut wasted usage and save on your energy bills.

Control and Reduce Your Energy Costs

To help you conserve energy, the eMonitor offers targeted suggestions for reducing energy use and leveraging renewable energy. This system also gives you complete control over the thermostat and other devices so you can maximize comfort while minimizing expenses.

Instant Alerts Keep Your Family Safe

The eMonitor alerts you via text message or email when appliances or lights have been left on and when a particular circuit is near capacity to help prevent power outages or fire. You'll also receive real-time alerts when an appliance's power usage suggests it requires maintenance or replacement.

Monitor Renewable Energy Production and Usage

With a simple software upgrade, you can monitor renewable energy production and usage from a single interface and plug into smart grid initiatives. Link to smart meters, accept and display

  • Lower your electric bills 10-Percent - 30-Percent
  • Monitor up to 24 circuits, including your 2 mains
  • See exactly where your power is used and wasted
  • Get automatic cost, safety, usage and appliance performance alerts to save energy and money
  • Product requires separate purchase of software service: pre-paid for $240 (equivalent of $10/mo.) - or monthly for $10.99/mo

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